Ⅰ. Fill in the blanks.

1. According to the _____ theory represented by Vygotsky, learning is best achieved through the dynamic interaction between the teacher and the learner and between learners.(山东师范大学2018研)



2. The functional view not only sees language as a _____ system but also a means for doing things.(安徽师范大学2015研)



3. There are at least three theoretical views of language and the nature of language proficiency. The first is ______, the second is ______ and the third is ______.(天津师范大学2012研)

【答案】structural view,functional view,interactional view查看答案


4. The constructivist theory

believes that _____ is a process in which learners construct meaning based on their own experiences and what they already know.(山东师范大学2017研)



5. _____ theories emphasize the nature of the human and physical context in which language learning takes place, such as the number of students, the kind of input learners receive, and the atmosphere.



6. The _____ theory of language learning was initiated by behavioural psychologist Skinner.



7. Skinner suggested that language is also a form of _____.



8. The term _____ is often used loosely to describe methods in which students are asked

to think rather than simply repeat.



9. According to Chomsky, language is not a form of behaviour, it is an intricate _____ system and a large part of language acquisition is the learning of this system.



10. The _____ theory believes that learning is a process in which the learner constructs meaning based on his/ her own experiences and what he/ she already knows.



11. _____ theory emphasizes interaction and engagement with the target language in a social context.



12. The most important and most difficult part of the making of a good language teacher is the development of _____.

【答案】professional competence查看答案


13. Wallace uses a _____ to demonstrate the development of professional competence.

【答案】‘reflective model’查看答案


14. In language teaching, methodology is the study of the practices and procedures used in teaching, and the _____ and _____ that underlie them.



15. The functional view not only sees language as a _____ system but also a _____ for doing things.

【答案】linguistic,means/ tool查看答案


16. The way language teachers teach in the classroom is to some extent influenced by the way they _____ languages.



17. Different views on language generate different _____.

【答案】teaching methodologies查看答案


18. In the past century, language teaching and learning practice has been influenced by three different views of language: the _____ view, the _____ view and the _____ view.




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