About six or seven percent of the Gross National Product comes from tourism. 国民出产总值的6%-7%来自游览业。

be one of the major industries of this country 是该国重要财产之一

belong to the service industry 属于办事性行业

benefit through peaceful development and cultural understanding 从和平成长和文化认同中获益

carry exchange and investment to … 吸引交换和投资到…

focus attention on the role tourism can play in elimination of poverty 器重游览业对解除贫苦的感化

serve as a dynamic catalyst of emploment, wealth, investment and poverty elimination 对就业、财产、投资和解脱贫苦起到有力的催化感化

Tourism business preserves cultural and heritage traditions. 游览业庇护传统和文化遗产。

do-it-yourself/independent travel 自助游

during the height of travel 在游览的岑岭季候

golden week for tourism 游览黄金周

visit historic sites/spots 观光汗青胜景

2 农业

be not fertile enough to justify cropping 不敷肥饶,以是不值得耕作

cultivate inferior 开垦贫瘠地皮

The supply of good land is limited.


to feed a large population 赡养浩繁的生齿

cause pollution and health problems 引发污染和康健问题

chemical fertilizer 化肥

destroy harmful insects 歼灭害虫

Insecticides also kill helpful insects. 杀虫剂也会杀死益虫。

save water during irrigation 节水浇灌

use up ground water 用尽地面水

increase food production to help feed the growing world population 供给食粮产量为不竭增长的世界生齿供给食品

keep soil from drying out and prevents the loss of soil 防止泥土干化和流失

One important form of soil conservation is the use of windbreaks. 泥土连结的一个首要法子是操纵防风林。

be carried out in a way that does not damage the environment 以一种不破环情况的方法被履行

avoid a possible grain shortage 防止可能呈现的食粮欠缺

deserve to be called a broad-minded policy 应被视为有久远目光的计谋

invest more in agricultural technology 加大对付农业科技的投资

Sustainable development methodes are designed to save resources. 展开可延续成长的目标在于节省资本。

3 政治

Political systems have evolves over several centuries. 政治轨制是履历了好几个世纪的成长蜕变而来的。

undergo an economic and political transformation 履历经济和政治变化

well handle the relations among reform, development and stability 妥帖处置鼎新、成长和不乱之间的瓜葛

accoplish the great cause of national reunification 完成故国同一大业

contribute to international peace and prosperity 为国际和安然平静繁华作进献

4 经济

attract more foreign investment 吸引更多外国投资

resources-efficient development mode 有用操纵资本型成长模式

sharpen the international competitiveness 增强国际竞争力

secure the fair competition on the marker 保障市场上公允竞争

place emphasis on the future development 夸大将来成长

try to gain a large market share 钻营更大的市场份额

maintain the competitiveness in market contests 连结在市场竞争中的竞争力

reserve and promote the sound and cooperative economic and trade tries between the two countries 连结和促成两国之间稳健互助的经济和商业接洽

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